Skincare Routine - Part 1 - My Morning Ritual

Jump Into My Skincare Routine with Me! Part 1 - My Morning Ritual

Hello everyone!

I thought I would walk you through my skincare rountine through out a couple of blog posts.. I want to do a little series on what I use daily (morning and night) and what I use on a weekly basis. Hopefully this will help you if you have had questions on when or how to use my products :) 


Let's start with my morning routine / ritual 

When I first wake up, I put my contacts in, because without them I am pretty damn blind, then tie my hair back with a headwrap or scrunchie and quickly re wash my face (it should already be clean and makeup free from washing the night before) using the Sunflower Cleansing Oil - formulated with clary sage and geranium eo to break down dirt and excess oils. these EO's are super gentle and okay to use around the eyes as long as they are in a carrier oil. in this case the Organic Sunflower Oil is the carrier oil.

STEP 1 - Wash face with Thistle Sunflower Cleansing Oil - wet face with warm water, apply a few drops of cleansing serum to skin and massage in circular motion for up to two mins, rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Now my skin feels super plump just from cleansing. 

STEP 2 - Mist face with either Thistle Rejuvenating Face Tonic or Cool Hydration Face Mist - After I mist my face with 3-4 pumps I fan my face with my hands to help dry and feel the soothing and cooling effect! I usually alternate between the two products depending on what I feel my skin needs that day, a little "wake me up" or a little more hydration... **these products do contain witch hazel, which for some people can be a somewhat drying, if this happens I recommend not using this product everyday, try using 2-3 times a week. 

STEP 3 - Apply the Original Hemp + Sunflower Face Serum - I like to use ALOT of face serum, especially if I know I am not leaving the house right away that morning, plenty of time to let it soak up all the nutrients. You really only need about 2-3 drops for your whole face, but I use about 5+ for a heavy application. Let this soak in for about 5 mins. 

STEP 4 - Hemp + Coconut Lip Balm -  I just cleansed and moisturized my whole face so I cannot leave out my lips. Vegan lip balm is a must!

Now you can stop here and this can wrap up your everyday morning face routine OR you can follow step five for some added glow!

STEP 5 - Apply Moon Drops or Sun Drops to your skin! - Using a stipple brush (my favorite it EcoTools) I squeeze 2-3 drops of Moon Drops Liquid Highlighter onto my brush and gentle massage onto my whole face. My skin is already super moisturized and plump and this just gives it a fresh glow. 

If I plan to run a couple errands that day but don't feel like putting makeup on I usually do step 5 just to feel really fresh faced and super glowy! Add a little concealer under my eyes (I have horrible under eye circles) and I am good to go.



I would love to hear how you use your Thistle Skincare products in your morning routine, please share in the comments below!

And let me know if you try my routine / ritual.

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  • Cassidy Rausch

    I am falling in LOVE with your products. I have very dry skin (used to be severe acne and I took medication that has dried me up.) I purchased your everyday face serum about 7 months ago and I really liked it. I recently purchased your rose hip night serum and your toasted petals eyeshadow and I am just that much more convinced of your products! I love love love them. I can’t wait to try more! This blog post is making me want to buy all the skin care products.

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