DIY Rose Clay Face Mask

Simple. Gentle. Effective.

Rose Clay Mask

Rose Clay is known for how gentle it is, making it easy to use for all skin types. To make it even more gentle (if that's even a thing) I mix it 50/50 with White Kaolin Clay. 

This is the mask I use as a weekly mask, or even a couple times a week... It's super easy to mix up and I love how easy it is to customize a diy mask.

photo of aloe vera gel and rose water

Here are the three different ways that I mix this mask to meet what my skin needs at the particular time of use...


Simple Pink Clay Mask

Rose Clay Mask

for all skin types, especially oily skin 

*if you have very dry skin you may want to try the hydrating rose mask below

1 tsp Rose Clay 
1 tsp White Kaolin Clay
Mix with water to desired consistency


Hydrating Rose & Clay Mask

Rose Clay Mask with rosewater

for normal to dry skin or mature skin

1 tsp Rose Clay 
1 tsp White Kaolin Clay
Mix with pure rose hydrosol - no alcohol to desired consistency*

*note: super important to make sure the rose water does not have alcohol, you don't want to irritate your skin since you are leaving this mask on until it dries. You can also make your own rosewater by boiling rose petals and distilled water.

Hydrating Rose and Rosewater Mask


Soothing Aloe & Rose Clay Mask

Rose Clay Mask with aloe

for irritated, congested skin

1 tsp Rose Clay 
1 tsp White Kaolin Clay
Or only using 1 tbsp Rose Clay
Mix with fresh aloe or pure aloe vera gel (no alcohol) until desired consistency

Aloe & Rose Mask

Whichever mask variation you choose, mix up the mask, apply to face and neck, wait until dry and remove with warm water.

Add Ins

You can always add a drop of essential oil for added benefits or even mix your mask with your favorite facial toner (preferably one from an indie beauty brand, that is handmade since they tend to use witch hazel that does contain alcohol). 

A few essential oils to add would be...
lavender - to soothe
chamomile - to soothe
geranium - for mature skin

Be careful with how much of an essential oil you add and always do a patch test to make sure the mask you made does not irritate your skin.

Would love to hear if you try any of these and which combo you mixed up! Comment below and let me know!

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