The Simple Life.

How Thistle Beauty the blog was born...

We live a simple easy life, we don't have extravagant things & we are okay with living on one income, for the time being, so that I can take the time to stay home with our babies.
Mother and children photo
Mother and children photo
^ from our vacation this summer
So, in light of our kids and in light of giving myself more time to be a mother I have given up my small biz. At this season in my life, I feel the need to fully be a mother. For those of you who do not know, I previously owned Thistle Beauty, a line of cruelty free skincare and beauty products that I hand created out of my home for the past two years.
Mineral eyeshadow
(product photos by @ashleyjensenphotography)
I put every bit of myself into Thistle and in return she took every bit of time I had to give. Which led me to so much stress and not enough time to be the mother I wanted to be. I loved my business but I love time with my family more, so I have chosen to let her go.
However I am not giving up my creativity, that is something my soul longs for and a part of who I am. With that being said, Thistle Beauty the blog is my outlet of creativity.
Lip balm photo
(^photo by @karlibobarly)
A way to share my passions, in light and in the love of my children and husband. On my own time, when I want to.
Lots of skincare & beauty diys, honest stories of motherhood, and recommendations of my favorite brands coming your way soon.
I welcome you to follow along!

With light,


  • Mary Pilul

    Good for you for honoring where you are. I gave up
    My mindfulness based private practice and pod cast to be the most present mom I can be! And I too loves what I did for a living. That said I so sadly miss the dry shampoo, best stuff I’ve ever used and so handy for
    Mom hair xo

  • Jordan

    so good!!! and so proud of you for taking this step. can’t wait to see all your new blog posts!

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