Botanical Face Tonic

Botanical Face Tonic


Botanical Face Tonic

2 oz glass spray bottle packed with soothing rejuvenation!


<> Botanical, plant based face tonic packed with nutrient florals and a soothing witch hazel base.

<> GREAT FOR ALL skin types ->--->> My soothing Face Tonic is a rejuvenating blend of florals; neroli, chamomille, and helichrysum -and more- for a refreshing wake me up after a good cleanse. 

Use: Mist face or spray onto cotton facial round and gently pat onto skin. Follow with any Thistle face serum. 


Thistle cosmetics are made in small batches, ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE and free from:

Toxins | Synthetics | Parabens | Carmine or dyes | Nano minerals | Mineral oil

***This is a vegan product and not to be used on the lips.

***Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.

***All skincare are non refundable, please fully read product descriptions before purchasing and contact me with any questions.

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Ingrediants: witch hazel, helichrysum oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil