Original Hemp + Sunflower Face Serum

Original Hemp + Sunflower Face Serum


Hemp + Sunflower Everday Face Serum

hydrating + firming skin food, non comedogenic formula

1oz glass bottle, glass dropper


<> Light weight & non-greasy our MOISTURZING formula is packed with nutrient rich vitamins, omegas and minerals for collagen building + repair, anti aging benefits, wrinkle reduction, smoothing, balancing of skin oils and plenty of natural skin healing. 

<> GREAT FOR ALL skin types ->--->> While it may seem counter-intuitive to use an oil to treat oily skin, that is exactly what the right blend of light weight oils can be used for. The last thing you want to do with oily/combo skin is dry it out. In fact, that oiliness is a reaction of skin that is too dry. Our formula is moisturizing for normal/dry skin and balancing for oily/combo skin.

Use: massage 5-7 drops into skin. use more or less if needed.


Thistle cosmetics are made in small batches, ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE and free from:

Toxins | Synthetics | Parabens | Carmine or dyes | Nano minerals | Mineral oil

***This is a vegan product and not to be used on the lips.

***Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.

***All skincare are non refundable, please fully read product descriptions before purchasing and contact me with any questions.

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INGREDIENTS: certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic hemp oil, non-GMO argan oil, non-GMO kukui nut oil


Organic Sunflower Oil: Rich in nutrients! Plenty of antioxidants for anti aging benefits and great emollients for moisture locking benefits! Extremely high in vitamin E, which is essential for preventing damage to your skin cells and smoothing existing wrinkles. Also packed with vitamins A, D, C for a protective skin barrier

Organic Hemp Seed Oil: Packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help improve chronic dry skin. Rich in gamma-linolenic acid which has a number of skin health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp is also rich in vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption to help achieve soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Non-GMO Argan Oil: Rich in vitamins A and E wich improves the elasticity in your skin, reducing fine lines. Helps to rid acne by reducing sebum in people with oily skin.

Non-GMO Kukui Nut Oil: Excellent moisturizer, prevents breakage of skin and promotes cell growth. This antioxidant rich oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and boost collagen production. The rich blend of fatty acids lower inflamation.