General Questions -

Are Thistle products vegan? Yes, every product we sell is vegan and cruelty free. 

What is the best way to apply your products? Each product is different, under each listing there is a description of what I recommend using.

Does Thistle use synthetic colors or scents? No, we do not use any synthetic colors or scents. All of our colors are developed by Ryley using only earth minerals such as; iron oxides, titanium dioxides, zinc oxide and micas. Our scents are from pure essential oils only. 

Since your beauty products are made with only natural, pure and organic ingredients, can I sleep in them? Even though our products are made with natural ingredients I would always suggest washing them off and letting your skin breath while you sleep.

Cosmetic Questions -

What is the Translucent Mineral Face Powder used for? This product is formulated to be used as a finshing or setting powder. After you have applied your Face Serum and preffered concealer and/or tinted moisturizer, the Translucent face powder is used next to set your makeup for the day. There is no color is this product. 

Are Thistle beauty products waterproof? Think of it this way, our products are oil based, oil and water do not mix, therefore, naturally our products are water resistant. Meaning.. through normal wear and persperation, they products do not come off. They are easily removed with pure coconut oil, the Hemp + Sunflower Face Serum or the Sunflower Cleansing Oil.

Shipping -

What is the turn around time when I order from you? Once your payment clears, typically 3 days, your order will ship within 7 days. Total turn around time is between 3-10 days, unless stated otherwise. I appreciate your patience. 

Through which carrier do you ship? I use USPS first class mail. 

What happens if our package and product is damaged when we open it? If this happens, please send me an email with in 3 days of recieving your package. Include the order number, your name, the name of the product that was damaged and a couple photos. I can only replace your damaged item if I recieve all of this info within 3 days of the time you recieved your package. 

Returns -

Are your products returnable pr refundable? No, for sanitary purposes our products are not returnable or refundable. This is also stated in each of the items descriptions. Please fully read the description and ingredient list before buying. If you still have questions, I ask that you fill out the contact form on my site or email me at lovethistlebrand@gmail.com