The ingredients we use are very important to us. As we grow we continue to source organic, wild crafted, pure and natural ingredients for all of our products. 

Important Facts

  • First and foremost, all of Thistle products are vegan an always cruelty free. This means absolutely no animal by product. 
  • Only non nano and non-GMO ingredients
  •  No essential oils are used in the Face Serum or the Absorb Face. Since these are products that intended for daily use, I omit the use of essential oils in these products to avoid irritation. 
  •  I do believe in the healing properties of essential oils, so you will find them in products like - the essential oil roller blends (intended for therapeutic use), the Thistle Baby powder, Dry Shampoo, River Goddess and Ocean Muse, etc.. see individual product description. 
  • Never any synthetics, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial scents, talc, mineral oil or carmine.
  • All products are made in small batches in my home studio.