Dry Shampoo with Rosemary
Dry Shampoo with Rosemary
Dry Shampoo with Rosemary

Dry Shampoo with Rosemary

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Dry Shampoo with cleansing rosemary

packaged in a 2 oz paperboard tube with sifter top

Made with the perfect blend of earth minerals and clay to absorb excess oils in your hair on day 2 or 3 or... of no washing. Your scalp and hair both need oil to maintain healthy growth, so I have added rosemary essential oil to cleanse + nourish your scalp and basil to maintain a natural luster.  

<> absorbent but non drying formula.

<> with added cocoa powder to help easily blend your dry shampoo into your hair.

USE: I recommend not applying to top layer of hair, gently use comb or fingers <as a comb> to evenly distribute product. 


Thistle cosmetics are made in small batches, ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE and free from:

Toxins | Synthetics | Parabens | Carmine or dyes | Nano minerals | Mineral oil

***This is a vegan product and not to be used on the lips.

***Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.

***All hair care products are non refundable, please fully read product descriptions before purchasing and contact me with any questions.