Radiance Balm - Baked in the sunlight

Radiance Balm - Baked in the sunlight

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BAKED -in the sunlight- Radiance Balm for face + body

Packaged in a glass 7ml jar with about 3 grams of product

Give your skin a youthful glow with this sheer and moisturizing Radiance Balm. A dewy finish that is not greasy, heavy or glittery.

<> This listing is for BAKED in the sunlight cream highlighter! This is the sheer bronze sunkissed hue with a light reflective glow. 

<> For use on face and body as a natural highlighter.

<> Thistle cosmetics are made in small batches, ALWAYS CRUELTY FREE and free from:

Toxins | Synthetics | Parabens | Carmine or dyes | Nano minerals | Mineral oil

***see additional info

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